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What is the Zimbabwe Investment & Development Agency? 🇿🇼

The political pendulum keeps swinging back and forth and stability remains elusive.

Ruger Stocking
Ruger Stocking

Zimbabwe has had a pretty rough road. The political pendulum keeps swinging back and forth, and stability remains elusive. Despite this, a robust and well-educated domestic population and scattered diaspora seem to be bringing Zim from the brink.

FAST FACTS                                                                                                            Population: 15,178,000                                                                                                Capital & Largest City: Harare                                                                                      GDP: $38 Billion                                                                                                              Main Industries: Mining & Agriculture

The first signs of change came when Mugabe died. There was a short power struggle, and after a coup in 2017, Zimbabwe elected its third and current president Emmerson Mnangagwa. One of his first acts was to abolish various departments and organizations and consolidate them into the Zimbabwe Investment & Development Agency. This organization became a one-stop shop for all investments and projects in Zimbabwe. Furthermore, Emmerson formed a Special Economic Zone in Victoria Falls. This includes a special tax regime & incentives. Businesses based there can use dollars and even get access to a new stock exchange.

Despite its problems, Zim has a well-educated population, and anyone who meets Zimbabweans finds them hard-working. Anecdotally all the work I have done with ZIDA has been excellent and seems to be a few parts of government with a clear and concise goal. Zimbabwe has been one of the worst markets in Africa for a while now, which means there is any way forward other than improvement.



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